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Environment and Development

Association “J A S I L”

 The mission of Environment and development association (EDA) “JASIL” is to enable citizen’s participation for the protection of environment and sound use of natural resources in the country.
Its objective is to support on study, advocacy and training on how to improve local people’s participation for the sustainable development with sound use of its economic, ecological and social resources. EDA “JASIL”  ‘s activity is directed by multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary   approaches which is oriented for collaborative learning on    community based co-management of natural resources for achieving long term adaptation practices and policies .
The EDA  “JASIL”   was established in early 2003 and was registered by the Order 174  of Ministry of Justice and Internal affairs of Mongolia from 30 September 2003 and has Certificate as none governmental organization(  Certificate No 3292, PД : 1031163)  .

JASIL’s Program Aim is to support for community based pro-poor policies and facilitate the empowerment of communities and its Associations. JASIL has been involved in the Sustainable Management of Common natural resources in Mongolia since 2003, and Collaborative Learning for the Co-management of natural resources in Mongolia, since 2007, working closely with the Ministry of Nature and the Environment, Ministry of food and agriculture.

Currently 54 comunities, with 2450 members  in 4 different regions of Mongolia EDA “JASIL” working with and supporting them in different ways.

Contact information:

Office address:

Ulaanbaatar-11, Baruun selbiin -15, MAS 2-nd bldng, # 405 409,

Tel: 976-11-329619, Fax: 976-11-329619, Mobile: 98319678;


Registration address:Ulaanbaatar, Songinokhairhan Duureg, 1-horoolol-11-269,
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia;
Tel: 976-11-683257,

 Contact person: Dr.H.Ykhanbai, Chairman