Activity 1

On 18 of April, 2017 the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Environment and Development Association “JASIL”, National Association of Environmental protection and Green development communities held the pre-forummeeting in the Ministry of nature and Tourism, where  following issues were discussed during this event:the need for Diverse Tenure Systems for pasture and forest  resources ; registration of traditional land and natural resources use rights at local level; current situations and future intention of local herders communities on environment  protection activities; Draft of Law on Pasture Protection ;  Land tenure and Community land management plan; Experiences of Pasture  User Groups ; and Public Understanding of Forests in Mongolia. At end of the Meeting participants discussed and agreed on Recommendations and comments for Call to Action- Earth Day 2017on Community Land Rights and issued to Dr.HijabaYkhanbai to introduce the meeting recommendations to the National Community Forum, which will held after 2 days.

Mr.Batjargal G., General Director of Administration Department,Ministry of nature and Tourism; Presentations of Dr.HijabaYkhanbai, JASIL, on Community Land Rights in Mongolia and Dr.J.Davaabaatar, Director of Division, Land Agency, on Titling and registration of Land Use rights of local Communities in Mongolia

Activity 2

The information about event of the 18thApril has broadcasted by the major news channels of Mongolia, such as MNBC, TV5, TV9 in same day evening and morning of 19th April. The media has interviewed Director of Environment and Development Association “JASIL” Dr.YkhanbaiHijaba and Dr.J.Davaabaatar, Director of Division, Land Agency, and they  gave an interview about the future of the country’s pasture capacity problems, and how to proper use of it, in line with securing pasture use rights of nomadic herder’s in Mongolia.

Pic. 5-7. Interview of Dr.HijabaYkhanbai, Director of JASIL, by Mongolian National TV Broadcasting on Community Pasture Use Rights, pasture land degradation in Mongolia and experiences of other Central Asian countries

Activity 3

On 20 of April at Genghis square, which is in front of Government Palace organized the National level Community activity exhibition, which is supported many NGO’s , international projects and government agencies. Many local communities, joining JASIL, was take part to the exhibition.

Pic. 8-9. Exhibition corner of Forest User Groups and herder’s communities on additional income generation products.

Activity 4

The Second National Forum  of Environmental Conservation Communities has held in 21 of April at the State Palace under the auspices of the Mongolian Prime Minister. The Second National Forum  of Environmental Conservation Communities , in whichhave participatedmore than 800 people, including representatives more than 400 local communities, representatives NGO’s and  international organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations.Director  of “JASIL” YkhanbaiHijaba participated in second Panel of the Forum and presented/negotiated the pre-forum Meeting recommendation to the participants. In his speech he mentioned about the need of Government support tolocal communities, and legislation of traditional rights of herder’s for pasture land use.  This recommendations was included to National Community Forum Recommendations and National level Call for Government, Private Sector, Local Authorities, International and NGO’s and for the Communities. National forum recommendations is attached.

Pic.10-12. Venue of Community Forum; Panel members, where Dr.HijabaYkhanbai introduce pre-Forum Meeting recommendations to the Forum members; Members of Arjargalant community of Ikhbulagsoum, where established in 2003 by facilitation of JASIL, Mrs. Dariimaa G. and Mr.Bolor A., with JASIL representative in the Forum

Activity 5

On 22 of April  Association JASIL  held the Local community land rights day in KharKhoshuu of Tuv province. Because of the construction work of International Airport of Ulaanbaatar and related infrastructure  in that place many herders and communities losing their  seasonal pastures. During this meeting we have discussed local problems and have listened the voices of herders and community members.

Pic.13-15. Members of “KharKhoshuu” community of Tuv province, for their pasture land use rights, where infrastructure development project expecting to be planned in their land and JASIL members working with them to protect their traditional land use rights.

Activity 6

In order to makecontribution to the World earth  day the Association “JASIL” prepared willow fromits ownplantation for greening of steppes and deserts.The willow seedlings prepared from the plantation now widely distributing to local provinces of Mongolia.

Pic. 16-18. JASILoffice staffMs.UrankhishigTs. and Ms.Sarmandukh U. for the preparation of Willow’s seedlings and branches for restoring the Earth with reforestation and greening  of  steppes;  members of JASIL for secure land rights on greening the deserts

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