Proposals and Recommendations


1.To strengthen the legal framework on pasture and nature resources use of local communities and groups

—In 2017- 2018:

Ø To draft and adopt the project of law on Pasture land conservation

Ø To formulate the proposal on economical and social legal status of local communities and group, and to make modification and amendment on community matters to law on Environmental protection

—In 2019-2020:

Ø To comprise legal framework on financial leverage of communities and groups, and arrangement between them

—2. To register and verify the traditional and legal right of pasture land and nature resources use

——In 2017-2018:

Ø To register the legal right of local communities on pasture land and nature resources use

Ø —In 2019-2020:

Ø To use the geographic information system to pasture land and nature resources management, and to show grazing capacity of every group, bak and somon of herders, also to update agreement of use every year

  1. 3. Improve the livelihood of local communities and comprise the sustainable management of pasture and nature resources

—In 2017-2018:

Ø To determine the direction and form of an increase of forest communities’ revenue from forest and reach a common understanding

Ø To introduce the features and needs to implement recommendation on forest and pasture tenure system to decision makers

—In 2019-2019:

Ø To implement rules and regulations on livestock grazing in forest land

Ø To estimate the damage and provide the compensation for damage to pasture land

Ø To create an economic and financial leverage system due to implement sustainable pasture and forest management to herders community groups or the silvopastoralism


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